You've probably seen "Bull Durham." If not, it's a baseball movie starring Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon that was released in 1988. Why is that important? Because this is 2016, the year in which every older baseball movie requires talk of a modern sequel. We saw it with "Major League" during the Cleveland Indians' pennant run, and, yep, we're now seeing it with "Bull Durham."

In fairness, this buzz comes directly from Costner, whose interest in a sequel includes caveats -- namely that Ron Shelton, who wrote and directed the original, thinks that a new movie would be good, and that Costner agrees. Here's the full clip of Costner talking about a potential "Bull Durham" sequel on the Dan Patrick Show (hat tip Hit Bull, Win Blog):

Pretty fair and reasonable all around.

If nothing else comes from Costner's rant, at least he had a chance to lament about the evils of capitalism as it pertains to Hollywood sequels. "It's a pretty good business, the apology business," Costner said. We'll see if the "Bull Durham" crowd has anything to apologize for in the coming years.