Kris Bryant's girlfriend posts video of them doing 'Frozen' duet

Jessica Delp and her boyfriend, Cubs rookie Kris Bryant, reportedly have been dating since they were sophomores in high school in Las Vegas, which means they've been together between seven and eight years. A hike. But, as the song "Love Is An Open Door" from Disney's "Frozen" tells us, you don't have to be dating for long in order to do stuff like this:


A video posted by Jessica Delp (@jessica_delp) on Oct 1, 2015 at 3:52pm PDT



Hans: I mean it's crazy

Anna: What?

Hans: We finish each other's—

Anna: Sandwiches!

Hans: That's what I was gonna say!

Anna: I've never met someone

Both: Who thinks so much like me Jinx! Jinx again!

And what prompted Delp to publish such a cheesy, er, adorable lip-sync duet so that everyone could see?

jessica_delp: In honor of @kris_bryant17 being Elsa today for rookie dress up, let's keep this whole Frozen theme going with a little throwback video. He may or may not kill me for you babe


Bryant dressed up as Elsa from "Frozen." What would that look like?


Kind of hot. Anyway, as to his reaction, Bryant probably won't "kill" over it because he's apparently a perfect human. He'll probably say the video is, well, adorable, because he always seems to say the right thing. And it's the right thing to say it's great. He hits the ball perfectly, he plays multiple positions, he knows the words to "Frozen" songs. Is there nothing Kris Bryant can't do?

Here's the thing, though, about the song Delp and Bryant chose for their big duet. The characters singing in the movie are not, in reality, perfect for each other like the lyrics and melody imply. The male vocal, Hans of the Southern Isles, is totally scamming Anna into a relationship. So, it's cute and all, certainly a catchy song, with nice mouthing of the words, but the song is all wrong for a couple who have been together for as long as Delp and Bryant. They're so together, they actually might finish each other's sandwiches. (Although, ick, peanut butter and jelly. Never!)

Anyway, they should pick another song and duet that, and put it on social media. "Do You Want To Build A Snowman?" for example. Then they could build one, and make it look like Joe Maddon. It's relationship neutral.

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