Lastest Red Sox drama: Carl Crawford's elbow

Will Carl Crawford's 2012 season be ending soon? (Getty Images)

In today's episode of "Real World: Fenway," outfielder Carl Crawford is reportedly preparing to ask the Red Sox to allow him to undergo Tommy John surgery as soon as next week [Peter Abraham, Boston Globe]. Meanwhile, GM Ben Cherington says Crawford has not yet made such a request. Meanwhile-meanwhile, Crawford's agent, Brian Peters, emails the Boston Herald to clarify/walk it back/clear up the misconceptions/control damage/whatever:

Carl intends to follow the course recommended by the medical professionals who have been treating him, in whom he has full confidence. Whether and when he has surgery will be determined by them. The Red Sox have been and remain 100 percent supportive of Carl throughout this process.

It's a tough position, to be sure. Crawford would, quite understandably, prefer to shut it down, fix his ailing elbow, and focus on playing a full 2013 at full health. The Red Sox, meantime, aren't ready to cede the AL wild-card chase just yet (although they surely realize that the odds are long).

Crawford has been productive since returning from the disabled list, but the Sox's DH situation means he must play the field despite not being able to throw the ball any better than a deep-decline-phase Bernie Williams.

For their part, the Sox insist that Crawford's status will be determined by his health and not their place in the standings [Sean McAdam,]. 

Given that this is the Red Sox we're talking about, it's seems certain that this episode will end in either genuine controversy or in something portrayed as genuine controversy by the "red in tooth and clawBoston media. 

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