Leaked Indians hotel room list reveals creative pseudonyms

The Indians are in Minnesota for a three-game series against the Twins this weekend, and the list of where all the players are staying in a local hotel was accidentally given to a guest. And being that this is 2013, said list has hit the Internet.

Observe (click on the picture for a full-size version):

Note the fake names: Jed Clampett, C. Electra (presumably Carmen), J. Lopez (presumably Jennifer), Mr. Romeo, Jake Taylor, Dick Tracy, S. Twain (presumably Shania), Denzel Washington and -- most hilariously -- Tar Zann.

Some of the most famous Indians like Nick Swisher, Carlos Santana, Mark Reynolds, Michael Bourn, Jason Giambi and Justin Masterson aren't on the list, so those are the dudes using pseudonyms. Also note the lack of Terry Francona's name from the coaches and staff side, so he's under a faux name as well.

Outstanding work by whoever is Tar Zann, Jake Taylor is oustanding -- considering he's the catcher for the Indians in the movie, "Major League" -- and I dig the Dick Tracy use as well.

Since this just happened, we obviously don't know if these are the same names used on every road trip or if the players mix it up. Personally, I'd mix it up, but what if a player gets hot with his fake name? You gotta stick with it, right? As Crash Davis taught us, never eff with a winning streak.

That reminds me: Crash Davis would be an excellent road trip pseudonym.

Finally: Jason Kipnis, start using a pseudonym, dude. You're an All-Star now.

Hat-tip: Big League Stew

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