Little League World Series 2019: Pirates manager Clint Hurdle has high praise for Maddy Freking at LLWS

Maddy Freking is only the 19th girl to participate in the Little League World Series and she is getting the attention of many with her performance in the tournament. 

Pirates manager Clint Hurdle had high praise for the 12-year-old as he watched her and her Midwest (Coon Rapids, Minnesota) team play in the tournament, with Pittsburgh in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania to take on the Chicago Cubs in the MLB Little League Classic, comparing her to New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard. "The last time I saw that much blonde hair throwing that hard, it was Syndergaard," he said in an ESPN interview during the game.

In an interview with Fox 9 in Minneapolis Freking said of playing in the LLWS, "It's a dream coming true, just to be there is really amazing," but Freking is doing more than just showing up, she is making an impact in the games. 

"We've seen their team play multiple times and she's always involved in some kind of action," Clint said. "So I'm sure everyone back where she's from is proud of her, proud of the whole group." Freking's team, the Taney Dragons, is from Coon Rapids-Andover, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis.

With the bases loaded in one a game against Great Lakes (Bowling Green, Kentucky) Freking stuck out the batter and then made a play to save the inning, looking calm, cool and collected while doing so.

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