Little League World Series 2019: Venezuela player brings strange batting stance to South Williamsport

On Saturday, a video of a kid at the Little League World Series with an unorthodox batting stance made the rounds on social media. Here it is, courtesy of Venezuela's Deivis Ordoñez. 

OK, well I guess it's sort of funny at first, but ... that's really making a mockery of the game, right? He's trying to steal a ball by making sure there's no strike zone. There's no way he can swing from that stance and he didn't continue doing it throughout the entire at-bat. 

There is a major-league rule that you can't make a mockery/travesty of the game and this would surely qualify, but in the Little League rulebook, there is only a travesty rule regarding running the bases backward. I suppose this means technically the player is allowed to do this, but I'm not on board. 

Do take note that at the end of this clip, you see the umpire start to raise an arm, indicating a strike was called on this pitch. Good on the umpire for not changing the zone on this one. Hopefully this doesn't happen again, because it's not really in the spirit of true competition. 

Since it only happened once, we can laugh. If it spreads and keeps happening, it's a problem. May this be the last time! 

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