Long-time White Sox broadcaster 'Hawk' Harrelson bids emotional farewell in home finale vs. Cubs

For the last 35 years, the man known as "Hawk" Harrelson has been calling White Sox games (he dialed back his workload these last few years), but he has now retired after calling the White Sox's final series versus the Cubs in 2018. Harrelson is very well known in the baseball world for some of his catch phrases: 

  • Yelling "stretch!" on a possible home run ball. 
  • "He gone!" for a White Sox pitcher recording a strikeout.
  • "You can put it on the boooooooaaaaaaarrrrrrrrd ... YES! HELL YES!"
  • "And this ballgame is ... ovah." 

He's also pretty well known for being overly homerific (totally made that word up, but let's go with it) in the booth for his beloved White Sox and hating advanced metrics. He was never shy to go after umpires or opposing players on the air. In all, his entire personality was polarizing and he was wildly popular among White Sox fans. 

Sunday was a nice sendoff for Hawk. Here's an extended version of highlights from his day: 

Fans and both teams gave him a hand late and then after the game. 

Finally, Hawk's final sign off: 

And just like that ... he gone! 

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