LOOK: Brewers' Ben Gamel cleats energy drink before chugging it in odd pregame ritual

The Brewers' Ben Gamel isn't off to the fastest start in 2019, but at least he has a pregame warmup that gets his heart rate off to a fast start.

Gamel showed off his wild pregame ritual this week, and it involves spiking a can of Red Bull against his cleat before shotgunning the energy drink. As we know, baseball players are notoriously superstitious, but how you determine that this is what works for you is beyond me.

Here's the thing about doing that with a beard like his: It's super, super gross. The beard must have been sticky for the rest of the game, but hey, whatever works.

The Brewers have started the season 12-8 and are ahead of the Cardinals and Cubs in the NL Central as they try to improve upon their NLCS appearance last season. Gamel is in his first year with the team after playing with the Mariners the last two seasons, so perhaps he can provide Milwaukee with the jolt it needs.

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