Bryce Harper Phillies Phillie Phanatic
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With the start of a new baseball season comes a new Phanatic-themed outfit for Bryce Harper to break out as he enters his third season with the Philadelphia Phillies. This year, Harper went back to what he did his first and went with cleats inspired by his ballclub's mascot.

These cleats kicked things up a notch with the design seeming to be as if Harper butchered the Phanatic himself and wore portions of the mascot's body on the cleat as if they were trophies. But given how much he loves the mascot, that probably wasn't what he was going for.

As mentioned, this is the third edition of Harper going with a Phanatic-themed fit for Opening Day. His first year with the Phillies, he kicked things off with an all-green set of spikes designed to look like the mascot's fur. The season after that, he went with a green suit that was lined with many different images of the Phanatic, including images of the cleats Harper wore in 2019.

It seems that these Opening Day designs are getting more and more elaborate by the year. If this trend continues, expect Harper to arrive in the mascot suit itself over the next couple seasons.