LOOK: Cardinals fan burns Heyward jersey after he signs with Cubs

Free-agent slugger Jason Heyward not only flipped from the Cardinals to the Cubs with the news that he has agreed to a new contract -- he also flipped Cards fans. And many of them on Twitter are unhappy about the turn of events. 

Notably this fan:

Burning the jersey? Not cool, man. Literally or figuratively. And tagging Heyward on Twitter? He probably got over it in a few seconds. But it's what people do sometimes when they're angry. They lash out.

This is a much better response:

Traditional. Non-violent. Not obscene. But it's short and to the point, and it conveys the message. 

Here's a nice one:

Most are not as nice. This kind of reaction is understandable too:

These are not:

Well, Rosenthal is not a starting pitcher, Blair. These are extreme responses, and not truly representative of Cardinals fans. #NotAllCardinalsFans, as we say today. Although, if you'd like to read more, check out the Twitter feed for @BestFansStLouis

As for the Heyward jersey, sending it to Goodwill -- and Goodwill is huge in St. Louis, with branches all over -- that would have made more sense. Several Cardinals fans video'd themselves burning Albert Pujols jerseys in 2011 after he signed with the Angels, and that happened after he played with the Cards for a decade. That was immature, too, but at least Pujols had built a life there. Heyward was traded to St. Louis before the '15 season, having no say in the matter, and played there one season. It comes down to Cubs hatred this time. The Cubs beat the Cards in the playoffs in 2015, they took John Lackey away in free agency earlier this offseason, they've added Heyward, and now seem on the verge of winning the World Series before the Cardinals do it again.

Tough times in St. Louis, as they relate to the Cubs. At least Pujols deciding to leave for the Angels actually worked out for the Cardinals. Maybe this will too, with the team adding someone like Chris Davis or Alex Gordon in free agency. The son'll come out, tomorrow...

Jason Heyward is off the free agent market.
Jason Heyward at Wrigley Field, but in the wrong uniform. (USATSI)
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