CLEVELAND -- As Delaware North, the food provider in Progressive Field, has done in each of the first two rounds of the postseason, they again have some special food items for the first Cleveland World Series since 1997.

I got the chance to sample the fare thanks to executive chef Josh Ingraham.

First up, The Nap Attack.


Yeah, that's a giant turkey leg, braised in Ohio apple cider and butter, then smoked. It's tender dark meat and the smoke flavor hits you immediately, just the right amount, too. It's a tremendous amount of meat and the hint of apple there is a nice touch.

What I loved about this one is Chef Josh said the name fits so well with Mike Napoli swinging a big bat and the amount of tryptophan might cause the consumer to need a nap afterward. Clever!

It's featured at the Throwing Smoke stand for $13.

Next up, in honor of a Cubs-Indians World Series, it's "When Pigs Fly."


That's five crispy pork shank wings tossed in Ohio maple hot sauce. Wings? What? Pigs can't fly? Well, the World Series is the Cubs vs. Indians, so expand your mind.

These are excellent. There's a sweet heat upon first taste and the meat on these things greatly outdoes any run-of-the-mill chicken wings anyone would find.

Fans will be able to get this in the Ball Park Classic on the upper deck for $13. If you're up there and hungry, don't pass up on the chance. These are top notch.