Regarding the upcoming World Series showdown between the Cubs and Indians, we pose this question: Is what follows a fitting addition to the ever-growing Hootenanny of Sports Portents Maximus? You decide!

Via Reddit user number1makeitso comes the following action yearbook photograph, which, as full-throatedly declared on the internet, has not been altered but has been verified by independent sources. The year is 1993, and the student is Michael Lee of Mission Viejo High School in California, where the good times learn to have good times. Come with us, won't you?

There he is. There's Mikey Tarot Cards loudly declaring via the timeless medium of the yearbook that the Cubs would win the World Series 23 years hence -- i.e., this year. People, they're four wins from doing just that.

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Place your bets accordingly; for that which is written in a yearbook is necessarily also written in the stars.