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One of the greatest thrills for any baseball fan at a ballpark is catching a home run ball. However, for one Los Angeles Dodgers fan on Wednesday night, catching that faithful home run ball came at a cost.

During the third inning of Wednesday's 4-2 win over the Colorado Rockies, a fan was able to catch a home run ball from Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner past the left-center field wall. The problem was that the ball hit his nachos in the process.

It's certainly not ideal to have nacho cheese splattered all over your clothes, but the fan didn't seem to mind. He ended up holding the ball up immediately, despite being covered in nacho cheese.

"I saw it kinda splatter up and when they went to look at it and showed the replay, I saw that it was nachos," Turner said after the game. "I felt bad. I'm sure it wasn't a two-dollar tray of nachos, so I wanted to replace it for the guy."

The fan was interviewed on SportsNet LA after the incident and showed off a complimentary World Series hoodie that the Dodgers had sent over to his seat for him. In addition, the fan received another order of nachos to make up for the ones that the ball destroyed.

Turner himself replaced the nachos for the fan.

"I know Justin will trade a homer for buying a guy some nachos," Dodgers manager Dave Roberts added. "We can always replace nachos."

It ended up being a very important home run, as the Dodgers became the first MLB team to win 10 games this season.