LOOK: Edwin Encarnacion's wild card bat-drop is now a tattoo

In this year's AL Wild Card Game, which seems like six months ago, the Blue Jays of course triumphed over the Orioles. You'll recall that Toronto DH Edwin Encarnacion ended the game in style ...

Walk-off clout, people. You knew this, of course. You probably also knew that Mr. Encarnacion chose to drop his implement of triumph rather than heave it aside in the iconic manner of his teammate, Jose Bautista. Even though Bautista's treatment of his lumber was less conspicuous, it remains worthy of rendering and commemoration. As holy texts agree, a tattoo is definitely the way to go ...

Yep, a tattoo. It's a tattoo of Edwin Encarnacion and the bat for which he no longer has use. He no longer has use for it because he just used it to kill a ballgame. Ergo, thus, and therefore, someone got a tattoo.

CBS Sports Writer

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