Fans get very excited when they catch a home run ball at MLB games. It's a moment of pure ecstasy and becomes even more exhilarating if it is a big home run, like one in the World Series.

During Game 2 of the Fall Classic on Wednesday, Dodgers catcher Will Smith connected on a solo home run in the sixth inning, and a fan sitting in right field caught the ball in his glove. In a moment of utter jubilation, the fan began waving the ball around -- but got a little too excited. Instead of throwing the ball back on the field -- which some people do when they catch a ball hit by the opposing team -- he accidentally threw his glove onto the field.  

As you can hear in that clip, Joe Buck, who was calling the game for Fox Sports, was just as utterly confused as viewers at home. Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Randy Arozarena, who was standing right next to where the fan threw his glove, was also perplexed.

After the telecast showed the replay of the fan's questionable decision, he appeared to have a glove back in his possession as the game unfolded. It's unclear whether he brought multiple gloves or his glove was tossed back to him in the stands.

Regardless of how he got the glove back, this is still quite a questionable move from the fan. Throwing the ball back is a tradition that was started by Chicago Cubs fans back in 1970 when one threw back a home run ball that was hit by Hank Aaron. Ever since then, fans at Wrigley Field would throw back home run balls hitting by the opposing team and many fans across the league do the same.

Throwing the ball back is one thing, but throwing a glove is an obscure decision, to say the least.