CHICAGO -- About three hours before the start of Game 5 of the 2016 World Series between the Indians and Cubs, this scribe took a stroll around the perimeter of Wrigley Field for purposes of counting jerseys. Said stroll occasioned the viewing of just two Indians jerseys, both blank. As you would expect, the complement of Cubs jerseys was quite a bit fuller.

We kept count of those Cubs jerseys. Although some were obscured by outerwear reflective of current atmospheric conditions, we were able to obtain a visual of 146 jerseys repping 37 different Cubs players/managers, one rock and or roll performer, and one fictional character. Now, in pleasing chart format, a look at the results of our profoundly scientific and rigorous double-blind study ...


Yes, Kris Bryant rules all that he surveys, and Anthony Rizzo isn't far behind him. Ryne Sandberg, who'll throw out the ceremonial first pitch before Game 5, is also heavily represented. Eddie Vedder and Marty McFly? Present and accounted for. Felix Pie? Same, people. Kosuke Fukudome? Through with it before you knew what to do with it. Sadly, Doug Dascenzo did not cross our paths again.

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