LOOK: Jackie Robinson, football player, in 1940 UCLA yearbook

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Jackie Robinson was, of course, a man of immense intelligence, strength, courage, talent, cultural import, resolve and just about any other positive attribute you can summon up. Beyond all the personal qualities he expressed through the prism of baseball, he was also, of course, a football player of some renown during his college days at UCLA. 

On that point, here's this image courtesy of the inestimable John Thorn ... 

That's the UCLA yearbook from 1940, Robinson's junior year, and in case you can't make him out (he's no. 28), Robinson was UCLA's featured "right half" that season.

Also pictured and of note is Robinson's teammate Kenny Washington, who broke the NFL color barrier in 1946, the year before Robinson made his Dodgers debut heard 'round the world.   

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