LOOK: Jose Bautista bat-flip corn maze? Yep, Jose Bautista bat-flip corn maze

You'll recall, of course, the already iconic bat-flip of Blue Jays cloutsman Jose Bautista, which he unsheathed against the Rangers in the 2015 ALDS. We've seen this bat-flip rendered in media ranging from bobbleheads to holiday sweaters to hockey video games. Inevitably, the Corn Maze Industrial-Complex has now had its say.

Please cast your unworthy eyes upon what's become of a swatch of Hunter Brother Farm corn field in New Brunswick ...

There's Joey Bats, looking not unlike Mr. Bill with a chia pet beard, there's his bat-flip, and there's a shout-out to the Jays' 40th anniversary season. In keeping with corn maze best practices, here's some action-sports footage of same ...

As always with baseball, there is beauty everywhere you look.

Finally, we leave the agronomists of Texas with a polite suggestion for what to do with their idle corn fields, by way of withering rejoinder ...


Much like love, corn is a battlefield.

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