At a certain age, you learn to stop bringing a glove to the ballpark (which you should ignore and do if you want to anyways, because who's going to stop you?). As announcer Marc Schwartz of the Somerset Patriots learned, however, sometimes you just need to make do. When a foul ball was popped behind home plate, Schwartz grabbed it on the fly and called it like it was just part of the game.

He is so happy with himself it's just infectious.

"...Fouls it off. Towards the broadcast booth! And I MAKE THE CATCH on the fly ball. I am very proud of myself."

Schwartz went on to add "boy am I impressive. What a play by me."

To be fair, it's tough to snag a ball barehanded, and honestly if you have a chance to call your own number in the booth, you should always do it. For a guy who's literally just bragging, Schwartz manages to sound somewhat professional.

It's also kind of great seeing him waving his arms in the booth and matching it up with his voice.

You've got to give credit where it's due, and Schwartz was just giving the credit to himself.