Hills be shaken: Thanks to the Lakewood Blue Claws -- right-wise Class A affiliate of the Phillies -- this Saturday will be CATurday.

The following color image should explain what all this is about and why it's good for you:

That, people, is a baseball tunic positively brimming with feline companions. Some additional details on this heavyweight-championship promotion:

Fans are encouraged to bring their cats to the game (will need to sign a waiver and be in a case or on a leash and cats are admitted with a $2 Paw Pass). There will be songs, movie clips, promotions, memes, and more fun as well!

There will be a special guest appearance by Miss Kitty. The specialty drink "The Black Cat Cocktail" will be available in the Coors Light WRAT Trap. There will be a special rendition of Take MEOW Out to the Ballgame, and a special CATurday T-shirt will be available in the Claws Cove.

SAVE Rescue Shelter of Toms River will be here as well. They will be collecting donations of products for a Cat supply drive and they will have cats here for adoption.

Go see baseball. Come with a cat and then leave with a cat. Alternatively, come without a cat and leave with a cat. Your choice, people.

Do you somehow find cause to object to CATurday? Come get some, sucka ...