LOOK: Minor league umpire tosses bat away from bat dog, draws massive boos from crowd

Move over Ron Kulpa, there's a new most hated umpire in town. The ump for the Las Vegas Aviators and the Sacramento Rivercats game on Tuesday was mean to a dog, and that's unacceptable.

Finn the Bat Dog -- the Aviators' 51st bat dog -- was doing his job trying to clear the lumber away from home plate when the umpire got fed up and tossed it aside himself.

Finn, because he's a good dog, didn't get frustrated. He just took off and grabbed the bat, a consummate professional completing the job.

Although Finn took it in stride, the fans did not.

If you want to ingratiate yourself with a team, booing its bat boy -- who also happens to be a DOG -- doesn't really seem like the play. Finn deserves better than this.

With that being said, let's give the ump some benefit of the doubt. Maybe he just wanted to play fetch and it came off wrong. In the spirit of the moment, it's easy to want to play with dogs and forget that they're just trying to make a living. With that being said, that doesn't look like the toss of a guy who just wants to have some fun.

Shout out to Finn for staying professional. It must have been hard to not bark over the umpire's calls for the rest of the game to show him how annoying it can be to interfere with someone's work.

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