LOOK: MLB umpire stops Yankees-White Sox game to pull a live moth out of his ear

If you play for the New York Yankees or Chicago White Sox and you were wondering why the home-plate umpire wasn't responding to your protestations about called strikes on Wednesday night, we might have your answer.

That home-plate umpire had a moth in his ear.


The Yankees and Sox finished their game, with New York topping Chicago 7-3. But the game wasn't finished before a brief stoppage of play in the ninth inning, when ump Bruce Dreckman took a break because his ear was bothering him. It turned out, after some prying into the earwax from colleagues and field personnel, that Dreckman's ear was serving as a comfy cave for a real, live moth.

It was a sight to behold, and we're still deciding which feat deserves more praise: Dreckman's assistants fishing the moth out of his head, Dreckman himself standing in the line of duty while an insect lived inside him, or the moth fluttering full of life after being literally embedded in an umpire's ear.

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