LOOK: Phillies fans boo Bruce Willis after he one-hops a first pitch before game against Brewers

Bruce Willis was a ceremonial member of the Philadelphia Phillies on Wednesday, joining the team in a custom jersey ahead of their game against the Milwaukee Brewers.  

While he mingled and made friends with stars from both sides, the fans in the crowd had a different reception for the actor after he bounced the ceremonial first pitch.

The 64-year-old "Die Hard" star got the ball to the catcher just fine, but not without a single hop in front of the plate. It drew a chorus of boos from those in the seats. Celebrity or not, Phils fans apparently expected better.

Regardless of the throw, players on the field seemed to relish the chance to meet Willis, who grew up in nearby New Jersey. He was a welcome presence at Citizens Bank Park alongside Gabe Kapler, Rhys Hoskins and other Phillies, not to mention Brewers star and Willis fan Christian Yelich.

Willis even took a few swings in batting practice.

Some have suggested the fans were actually shouting "Bruce!" following the poor throw. But don't let that get in the way of another Philly fan narrative. These are the same peeps who let their own $330 million man Bryce Harper hear it early in the season.

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