LOOK: Raines, Dawson bring Expos flavor to Cooperstown with help of Guerrero

On Sunday, the Baseball Hall of Fame will officially enshrine Jeff Bagwell, Ivan Rodriguez and Tim Raines into their players wing with a live ceremony. On the latter point, the Expos -- a defunct team since 2004 -- will be getting their third player wearing an Expos logo on his cap. Raines joins Andre Dawson and the late Gary Carter as the official Expos in the Hall. 

Raines and Dawson being together seems like a good photo op, no? Take it away, Vlad!

Awesome picture, but take note of the photographer. It's Vladimir Guerrero, who likely joins these guys next year for an even-better Expos photo. 

Vlad got 71.7 percent of the vote last time around, falling just 3.3 percent shy of the 75 percent threshold. With the three enshrinees and Lee Smith (15-year rule) falling off the ballot, surely Vlad sees that bump. Yes, Chipper Jones and Jim Thome (and even Scott Rolen and Omar Vizquel) come on the ballot, but generally the vote totals only increase once above 70 percent. Vlad is a shoo-in. 

He's also likely to don an Expos cap on his plaque. He spent eight years there compared to six with the Angels and put up better numbers in Montreal. 

So this means that, despite having lost the franchise, the Montreal Expos will have gained three Hall of Famers since going away. 

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