The Boston Red Sox unveiled their new "City Connect" on-field jerseys for the 2021 season on Tuesday, and they look noting like the franchise's traditional uniform. Boston's "City Connect" jerseys are yellow and "honor the history that binds club, fan, city, and culture," according to a press release from Nike.

The "City Connect Series" will feature seven clubs that will have alternate jerseys. The other teams that will don new Nike uniforms include the Arizona Diamondbacks, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, Miami Marlins and San Francisco Giants.

"Nike is uniquely suited for our relationship with MLB because we like pushing the edges of creativity across the board, but it's always done out of a place of supporting the players and advancing the sport," Nike vice president of North America League Partnerships said. "We take that same attentive energy in hearing insight from athletes and apply that to visualizing new and familiar relationships between clubs, cities and fans."

According to a Nike press release, the designs of the jerseys for all of the teams involved will "continue to explore a franchise's connection to its city and its fanbase, each with distinct personalities, values, customs and traditions."

The "City Connect" jerseys definitely are quite different from the Red Sox's traditional red, navy, and gray color scheme. It's currently unclear how often the Red Sox will sport these jerseys during the 2021 season, but they will be wearing them later in April on Patriots' Day weekend.