LOOK: Red Sox walk-off celebration goes poorly for sideline reporter

On Thursday, the Red Sox mounted a late-inning comeback against the White Sox and eventually prevailed in 10 innings on a Xander Bogaerts walk-off single (box score).

As is typically the case with walk-off triumphs, the winning team celebrates by dousing the conquering hero with restorative cold liquids. Often, this occurs during the postgame interview, and the sideline reporter is all too often caught in the blast field. Rarely, though, will an intrepid newsperson wear it like NESN's Guerin Austin did on Thursday in Boston. Please at once witness while shielding thine eyes ...


That's a face full of electrolytes right there.

So who's responsible for such an egregious misfire? The reveal ...


Hanley, man. Hanley.

At this point, you're no doubt waiting with bated breath to see the dousing via color-television footage. As always, we're here to help ...

From 0:29 until the onset of the most forced of smiles at 0:39 you see someone displeased in the extreme by baseball events. Such hazards, they are occupational in nature.

People, raise your glasses to Guerin Austin and then pour the contents of those glasses over your heads.

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