LOOK: The Phillies' 1980s powder-blue throwbacks are beautiful and deserving of your love

Reader Advisory: Please do not proceed without having either 1.) a glass of ice water, 2.) a portable fan, or 3.) a damp towel because the contents of this article -- and the pictures within -- are hot.

So you know how the Philadelphia Phillies are absolutely worth watching this year?

There's Gabe Kapler, who oozes muscle, wears sunglasses better than anyone in Major League Baseball and coaches players to #BeBold and do things like score from first on singles. There's Jake Arrieta, whose first seven-inning start of the year included, oh, 10 strikeouts and only one hit for the streaking Pittsburgh Pirates. There's a plethora of blossoming talent that has people outside the City of Brotherly Love expecting a sneaky playoff push.

Well, this week, we're getting another -- and maybe the best -- reason to stop whatever it is we pretend we're doing and watch the Phillies.

If you already saw the Phils tear up the Pirates on Thursday (take that, Pittsburgh -- you can't win at every sport in this state, you filthy ingrates!), then you know exactly what we're talking about.

Calling it what it is -- the unveil of 1980s powder-blue throwback uniforms, which were broken out once in 2017 and will be used for select home games this year -- doesn't even do it justice. This was more like one tiny, colorful step closer to Heaven.

Scott Kingery, Rhys Hoskins and J.P. Crawford showcase the Phillies' powder-blue throwback uniforms. USATSI
MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Philadelphia Phillies
Don't you worry about looking cool, Jake. You are defining cool. USATSI

Uniforms evoke a lot of hyperbole, but this is not that. You can talk yourself into crazy throwbacks or "innovative" twists like the Cleveland Browns' side-pant lettering (OK, maybe not), but the only thing you should be talking about after seeing the Phillies' baby-blue threads is how we, collectively, can ensure that they're worn more.

Not all "adorable" colors come across well, but look at Scott Kingery, Rhys Hoskins and J.P Crawford celebrating after Thursday's win and try to tell us you don't want to be in that picture, frolicking in the ball field with such a crisp clash of maroon and blue. The retro "P" has somehow gotten better with age, too, both bringing us back to '70s and '80s fonts and not making us despise it.

In all seriousness, you can have your own opinion on this (now imagine little Cupid Cody floating above your left shoulder, whispering: "No ... you can't,") and in reality, sometimes too much of a good thing can make it not as good of a thing, so maybe once in a while is just fine for these outfits. But if Philly's voice on Twitter is any indication (what a barometer, right?), the Phillies faithful can get down with the powder-blues any day of the week:

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