LOOK: The Todd Frazier thumbs down guy is now the thumbs up guy for the Mets

The mind-numbingly awful MLB offseason saw a little movement recently with the Mets signing third baseman Todd Frazier to a two-year, $17 million deal. The signing was announced as official on Wednesday and there was a familiar face on hand, at least familiar to those who follow Internet memes. 

Recognize this guy? 

One might recall that the Yankees rallying cry and on-base celebration last season was to give each other a thumbs down hand signal (full backstory here). It stemmed from the above gentleman being caught on camera giving a thumbs down. 

The best part of this is it was directed at Frazier and the guy is actually a Mets fan. Now that Frazier's on the Mets, the transition will happen. For the occasion of Frazier's press conference, the now Thumbs Up Guy was dressed the same, too. 

Most teams these days do something when they come up with big hits, motioning from the base to the dugout. It appears the Mets will be doing a thumbs up. Why not? There's a worthy backstory and it's as good as anything else. 

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