Hereby: This is the catch that saved America ... 

That’s Adam Jones, American baseball player, making a wonder-snare in the seventh inning of Team USA’s eventual 6-3 win over the Dominican Republic on Saturday night. Shortly after Jones’ catch, Robinson Cano would homer thus cutting the U.S. lead to a single run. As such, Jones’ catch stands as one that was absolutely critical at the time. You’ll also note that the vigor and breadth of Jones’ baseball efforts landed him squarely ... Among the People. 

That necessary flourish brings us to what follows, and what follows is a still image of The Catch That Saved America that shall live on our minds and culture as long as the catch itself. Behold the following hootenanny of righteousness ... 


People, we need to spend some time to with this one, let it breathe a bit for purposes of uplift. Pay particular attention to the faces of those who have beheld the art and craft of Adam Jones. Now let us drink a bit more deeply of this one, via the facial close-up ... 


Hills be shaken: Look at the people of baseball lost in their enthusiasms. Does this image justify expert annotations? Yea, verily ... 


Now let us provide some high-level expert commentary on what you see above ... 

  1. When you glimpse the other side, and it’s not what you’ve been planning for. 
  2. When you’re trying not to go No. 2 at Big Lots.
  3. When you’re ready to shout “Worldstar” just in case.
  4. When you’ve glimpsed the other side, and it’s a skate park made of that sticky icky. 
  5. When you’re fighting at a gas station and Iron Maiden comes on. 
  6. When your buddy tells you that the other side is indeed a skate park made of that sticky icky. 

But wait, what’s that?


People, let’s appreciate that some baseball onlooker was so moved by Mr. Jones’ heroism that he took the occasion to perform the simple liturgy of reaching out to put his fingertips on Old Glory for just a fleeting moment. The jaded among us might protest that he was merely reaching for an incoming baseball. Soon enough, they’ll learn, among other lessons, that the other side is not what they’ve been planning for. 

In distinguished conclusion ... 


People, Adam Jones was here.