Louisville Slugger has long been one of the most famous equipment manufacturers in baseball, for both major-league teams and those at other levels. But with baseball seasons across the country on hold, the company is feeling the hurt during the coronavirus pandemic. Per the Louisville Courier-Journal, the Kentucky-based company -- which is owned by Hillerich & Bradsby -- has furloughed 171 employees, the "vast majority" of its workforce. 

"We're not doing any advertising. We've cut all our expenses we can. We're just hoping we get back to normal before we run out of cash," [Hillerich & Bradsby CEO John] Hillerich told the Courier-Journal.

In addition to losing sales revenue, a big hit for Louisville Slugger has been the closure of its museum. It shut down right when the busiest season of the year was approaching. Without this rush, the museum takes a substantial hit. 

Another consideration mentioned in the article is that logs sitting in their factories waiting to be made into bats could soon spoil. Hillerich did offer up hope that eventually things will get back to normal for the recognizable baseball brand.

"We've been very resilient," Hillerich told the Courier-Journal.

That's all anyone can ask at this time. Hopefully the company survives and bounces back.