Love Letters: The Red Sox, Yankees & Cinderella slipper edition

This keeps up, I may have to hang the “No Pepper” signs. …

From: setmetheball (via comments section)

Re.: Cinderella Red Sox, Yankees too good to be true?

When teams have some of the highest payrolls in baseball, they cannot be called Cinderella. That is for Tampa Bay and other economic have nots in this crazy system of MLB revenue Luxury Tax.

Thanks for clearing that up. I was not being sarcastic at ALL with my usage of the word “Cinderella.”

From: Rezzin_Eight (via comments section)

This would only be a Cinderella story if Cinderella was filthy rich, went to balls every night, had a team of maids doing her chores, and had slippers made of diamonds instead of glass. This story made me throw up in my mouth and partially crap my pants. We're all supposed to be captivated by the feel good stories of the 2013 Yanks and Red Sox? This writer is a complete joke.

Ding, ding, ding! THAT is the exact Cinderella I had in mind while writing this column. As for your other issues, I’d recommend Tums and Imodium.

From: Blackshirt (via comments section)

I'm a Sox fan, and I love what the Yanks have done!  I am so glad that BOTH of these teams shut up most of the critics so far this year. Yes, it's still early, but the heart that both of these historic teams play with is second to none. Great to see!!

See, these guys are such Cinderella stories that Red Sox and Yankees fans now are banding together. Me, I’m a uniter, not a divider!

From: Lucky Skunk (via comments section)

It's really going to suck for Scott when Baltimore wins this division. 

Hate it when the non-Cinderellas succeed.

From: dufus (via comments section)

As a Red Sox fan I have to say... ENOUGH RED SOX & YANKEES COVERAGE.

You don’t understand. Following this spring’s scare with these two teams, we thought we’d have to go an ENTIRE season without focusing on Boston and New York. And how awful would that have been?

From: Sports_Dawg (via comments section)

Re.: Weekend Buzz: Cardinals pitching mowing through NL

You've heard of a money tree? Well, there exists a pitching tree which only grows in the forests of Mizzoura.

Does it smell like Cherry Blossoms when in bloom?

From: TroyBrownHOF (via comments section)

Bad Barbecue makes me angry, too. 

I know, right?

From: Dale Gribble (via comments section)

Re.: A year later, Angels testing Einstein’s definition of insanity

The Angels are dead and buried for the 2013 season, And, ironically, according to a recent article I read, there is a casket for that.

Step right up and get your Angels caskets here.

FROM: Nick

I did not like your article about the Angels' struggles this year. You write so dismissively about their off-season plan, yet you predicted them to win the AL West and seemingly endlessly for a one paragraph bit about how their lineup will be unstoppable. I'm not an Angels fan -- go Red Sox -- but it's hard to read you seriously when you take to task a team's moves you seemingly agreed with only 1 month ago.

Thanks for reading so carefully, and apparently regularly. You’re right, I wrote a month ago that the Angels should win the division. And in this column, I wrote this bad play must be a mirage, right? Any team with this payroll, and with Albert Pujols, Josh Hamilton and Mike Trout absolutely should win the division. I still believe that. Even with injuries. And if they don't, as I wrote in the first column to which you referred, this will be Arte Moreno's Most Spectacular Flop Yet.

FROM: Shawn

Einstein never said the quote about insanity. For one, it's a ridiculous quote. I get the sentiment, but doing the same thing over and over CAN yield different results, and Einstein above all others would believe that. But more importantly, there is this ongoing trend to attribute some lame hallmark quote or analogy to someone brilliant and famous. It's done with Einstein, Steve Jobs, etc. We won't be able to stop the general public from doing this, but as a respected columnist, hopefully you can refrain from misquoting famous people. It just spreads the fire of ignorance when someone like you does it. No disrespect intended as you're a very insightful writer and I enjoy your work, but this is a big pet peeve of mine. It's akin to the old chain letter emails; pass this message on to 10 of your sportswriter buddies or you will have bad luck for the rest of your life and die a lonely spinster with 30 cats and a bad disposition. 

First off, I think I’m safe because I only have two cats (and one dog), not 30. But secondly, if your advice is to be followed, then half of the 90 percent of the things Yogi Berra was supposed to have said, he never would have said!

From: MoodyJames (via comments section)

"Nobody has ever confused Angels owner Arte Moreno and general manager Jerry Dipoto with a genius like Einstein."

And no one will ever confuse Scott Miller with an actual sportswriter, like Grantland Rice.  Were you up against a very tight deadline, Mr. Miller, or does all of your writing suck like this piece?  

Listen, sometimes writing is only as good as the material you have to work with. And given the Angels, consider it a blessing that all of the words were spelled correctly in that column. Oh, and I probably should point this out to you. Feast your eyes on the "Columns over 175,000."

From: pooldan (via comments section)

Re.: Weekend Buzz: Some ugly baseball – and not just Marlins orange jerseys

Who cares what colors the Marlins uniforms are? This is baseball, not Project Runway.

You call what the Marlins are doing “baseball”?

From: 777Gators

The Mariners need to start with firing the Manager who is a joke to still be managing an MLB club -- Eric Wedge has never been successful -- and then start with cleaning up the lineup, like Justin Smoak. And what is up with Raul Ibanez getting regular at bats! Sorry, this years Mariners should be better then they are!

First Mike Hargrove, then Eric Wedge. Twice in the past 10 years, the Mariners have taken a manager from the Indians' discard pile. Both were bad moves. I don't blame Seattle fans for being aggravated and disillusioned. I wrote this when Wedge was hired and nothing has happened to prove me wrong.




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