Love Letters: Yasiel Puig criticism brings out Neanderthals

Dodgers sensation Yasiel Puig, one of the great discoveries of this season, was No. 1 on my list of summer crushes in June. And he remains one of my favorite players to watch even after Dodgers manager Don Mattingly yanked him after four innings Wednesday. The kid's education continues.

But when I dinged him last week for being late to a game and needing to smooth out some of these rough edges, whoa. All I can say is, I hope none of these people live next to you. …

From: Matthew

Re: Yasiel Puig needs to get a grip before the Dodgers lose theirs

Good afternoon Mr. Miller. Has it sunk in yet how hypocritical your article on Yasiel Puig is yet? Especially in light of your opposite-sounding article on Bryce Harper? I'm sure you're getting crucified today on Twitter and in the blogosphere, and I really hope you understand why that is the case. You can criticize a player's game without statements like your conga line comments. Your criticism was neither constructive nor helpful. And if you ever hope to teach us young people another lesson, I truly hope you've learned yours for this column. But like all baby-boomers who love to criticize millennials, you're probably too stubborn to be self-reflective. 

I never really viewed this as a baby-boomer vs. millenials thing, but now that you mention it, I did see The Artist Formerly Known as Hannah Montana on the VMAs the other night. And my eyeballs are still screaming in pain. …

From: WolverineHusky (via Twitter)

People don’t like hypocrites or dbl standards. As Deadspin points out, Harper and Puig are similar; u defend Harper and bash Puig.

Deadspin needs to stop taking things out of context. What they failed to point out is that Puig was roughly 35 minutes late to Marlins Park for a game last week and was fined by the Dodgers. Which is what precipitated that column. Harper has not been summoned to his own team’s principal’s office. They also failed to point out all of the positive things I’ve written about Puig this summer. Apparently, it didn’t follow their narrative.

From: Greg Tepper (via Twitter)

@ScottMCBS on Bryce Harper: He’s just hustling; can’t fault him! @ScottMCBS on Yasiel Puig: He’s reckless, he’s gotta knock it off! Got it.

If that’s your takeaway, your reading comprehension level is stunted at the See Dick Run stage. You probably think Springsteen’s Born in the USA and We Take Care of Our Own are jingoistic flag-waving, patriotic rally cries, too.

From: Drunk Moreland (via Twitter)

@ScottMCBS only likes his baseball stars with crew cuts and American flags.

That must be why I backed the Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera over the Angels’ Mike Trout for last year’s AL MVP award. Go have another drink and shut up.

From: Kofi Appiah Biney (via Twitter)

In another lifetime, @ScottMCBS was a slavemaster. That’s the only explanation I have for this bulls---.

Work just a little harder and I bet you can come up with a different explanation. You can’t be that pathetic.

From: Kofi Appiah Biney (via Twitter)

People [like] @ScottMCBS make me wonder why I wanted to a) write about sports and b) be in journalism to begin with.

You again? Based on your previous tweet, I don’t like the odds for your future as a productive member of the human race, let alone journalism.

From: Adam B.

Get a new job. Write positive articles about teams and players that are meaningful to the playoff race. Quit being a follower and writing about same crap anyone else could come up with. Do some real work.

You mean, like this? Or this? Or this?

From: Thomas Collins (via Twitter)

Puig won’t talk with them so they attack. The guy is an awesome talent that we can enjoy for yrs to come.

Guess what? If you check out this column, you’ll see not only did I talk with Puig post-game, I also went so far as to refer to him as “genial.”

From: Gary LaPlante (via Twitter)

Well @ScottMCBS is a very silly person.

Nicest thing anybody said to me all day Gary.

From: James Rodgers (via Twitter)

What a terrible column by @ScottMCBS on Puig. Borderline racist since he lauded the way Harper plays not that long ago.

Know what else I wrote about Harper from Puig’s very own Dodger Stadium when Harper made his major-league debut a year ago April? “Was it too much that Sports Illustrated put him on its hallowed cover when he was 16? I'll admit it: It sure made me dislike him instantly, before I ever met him.” You can check out that column here. Or don’t, if you prefer to continue to move through life ignorantly.

From: Julie Buehler (via Twitter)

Problem is the headline buddy – ur piece is good, but how many read the whole thing? I was ready to disagree w/u til I read it J

Finally, someone who actually read the entire column, instead of just the headline or first paragraph – or poison spewed by others -- before launching handfuls of raw sewage.

From: @FluffsFault (via Twitter)

A “South Beach conga line”? Go back to your double wide where there’s a hoedown this evening.

Thanks for the laugh. Seriously. Funniest put-down of all of them. Fair enough. …

From: ramses @superramses (via Twitter)

Your not a racist. You’re a dodger hater. Hater.

Nice to meet somebody who gets that I see Puig not for the color of his skin, but for the color of his uniform. But it’s only fair if you read this, too. Because, boy, am I mean to the Dodgers here.

From: FFF @DrewGROF

You do realize you’re insufferable, right? Just the worst.

I’ve got a wall full of plaques from various writing awards in my home office. If you’d like I can list them for you.

From: je @TheAttack5 (via Twitter)

You used cheap, hackneyed BS in your column. You wrote around a narrative instead of gathering information and then writing.

No, I wrote from having hung around the Dodgers off and on this spring and summer, knowing their clubhouse, chatting with Puig through his interpreter and knowing their organization. Narrative THAT, big boy.

From: Doug @CaptainAnnoying

According to Waffle House’s online menu, you can’t even GET whipped cream on a specialty waffle. IT’S CALLED RESEARCH.

I bet you’re a blast at parties.

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