Manny Machado trade: Justin Turner, Alex Wood celebrate new Dodgers teammate on a boat

The Dodgers on Wednesday finalized a long-rumored deal that sent five prospects to the Orioles in exchange for All-Star shortstop and pending free agent Manny Machado. This means Machado will be the Dodgers' shortstop, while Chris Turner will slide over and fill the heretofore trouble spot of second base. Given that you're adding Machado to an L.A. offense that already leads the NL in home runs, and you can imagine that the Dodgers are pretty excited right about now. 

Speaking of excited Dodgers, here are lefty Alex Wood and third baseman Justin Turner receiving the news while enjoying a leisurely day upon an unnamed body of water or perhaps Hollywood back lot made to resemble a sun-dappled lake in a canyon ... 

Heard? Possible celebratory air horn. Seen? Swimming trunks with sandwiches on them. 

Yes, gentlemen, you got Manny. 

CBS Sports Writer

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