Manuel says it's fair that he and umpire both got one game

PHILADELPHIA -- Charlie Manuel didn't complain about his one-game suspension.

And he sure didn't complain about Bob Davidson getting suspended, either.

"Both of us were about doing the same thing, I guess," Manuel said Friday, before serving his suspension during the Phillies' game against the Red Sox.

Manuel said he spoke with Joe Torre on Friday, and that Torre told him he was being suspended for the words he used in the Wednesday argument with Davidson. Manuel could hardly dispute that.

"If you want to know what I actually said, I don't remember," Manuel said. "I was so angry that I don't remember what I said. . . . I'm accountable if I did something wrong."

Plenty of people in baseball were happy to see MLB announce a one-game suspension for Davidson, who is not the most popular of umpires.

Manuel stayed away from speaking directly about Davidson, preferring a more general comment.

"I've been around umpires a long time," he said. "I never said I liked them."

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