For those who missed it, Cardinals left fielder Marcell Ozuna had a misplay for the ages on Tuesday night -- one that's right up there with that Jose Canseco play you're undoubtedly thinking about right now

There was an Enrique Hernandez deep fly and Ozuna had his designs on robbing extra bases. Instead, he allowed extra bases in the form of the most unlikely ground-rule double of the young season. Here are the seven stages of where Ozuna went wrong:

STAGE 1: Ozuna's got a beat on this one guys. When a player turns his back completely and takes his eyes off the ball, he has a spot to which he's running because he knows where it's gonna end up. 

ozuna1.jpg screengrab

STAGE 2: Ozuna plays like Spider-Man, climbing the wall and preparing for his heroic heist. 

ozuna2.jpg screengrab

STAGE 3: Oh crap.

ozuna3.jpg screengrab

STAGE 4: As if the horrible misjudging of the fly wasn't enough, Ozuna faceplants upon his "landing." 

ozuna4.jpg screengrab

Aside: See the ball next to his right thigh? It bounces over the fence for a ground-rule double. I guess it could've been worse because it was likely an inside-the-park home run if not for the bounce. 

STAGE 5: The Dodgers bullpen loses it, including an up close of Kenley Jansen laughing. 

ozuna-dodgers.jpg screengrab
jansen-laughs.jpg screengrab

STAGE 6: The humiliation. 

ozuna-down.jpg screengrab
ozuna6.jpg screengrab

STAGE 7: His outfield friends cheer him up. 

It's better if you imagine "That's What Friends are for" playing while watching Harrison Bader and Dexter Fowler help Ozuna feel better. All is well that ends well -- the Cardinals did win the game after all, making two in a row over the Dodgers and moving the Cardinals over .500 for the first time this season at 6-5.