On Sunday, the New York Mets agreed to a trade that will land them right-handed starter Marcus Stroman from the Toronto Blue Jays in exchange for pitching prospects Anthony Kay and Simeon Woods-Richardson. We've written plenty about the deal already -- the ramifications for the starting market here; what the prospects bring to the table here -- but you might find yourself wondering: Just how does Stroman feel about being dealt to the Mets?

If Stroman's Twitter feed is any indication, he feels pretty, pretty good about the move. He took to social media on Sunday night and posted a number of messages in relation to the trade.

Stroman started by tweeting a picture of his younger self in Mets gear, noting that his employment by the team was meant to be:

Stroman then shared a pic of 50 Cent to sum up his "mood":

Lastly, Stroman shared a thank-you message to his now-old haunts in Toronto and Canada:

For as surprising as the Mets landing Stroman was, it appears to have made at least one person happy -- Stroman himself. That's probably good news for the Mets, a franchise that too often makes the headlines for the wrong reasons. Of course, the Mets could wreck the positive vibes in the coming days, if and/or when they trade Noah Syndergaard

But, at least on Sunday night, there was reason to be cheerful.