Mariners renaming Safeco Field in 2019 as new company buys naming rights, report says

The Seattle Mariners have played in Safeco Field since the beginning of the 1999 season. That will change in 2019. They aren't moving, but the stadium will have a new name come 2019. Forbes reports that T-Mobile has secured naming rights

It was announced back in 2017 that the Mariners weren't going to renew their expiring contract with Safeco Insurance. The 20-year, $40 million deal expired after this past season. Last week, the "Safeco" signage was being removed ( has pictures). 

Forbes further reports that the new rights deal is worth $6 million annually. 

Stadium naming rights are such a funny thing to me. Sure, many more sports fans know of the word "Safeco" than they did before the Mariners played in Safeco Field, but are we to believe that naming the ballpark enabled Safeco Insurance to make $40 million more over the past 20 years than they would have if they didn't secure naming rights? I'm not sure anyone could ever convince me that a person chose Safeco over another insurance company due to the Mariners. 

Regardless, that's the way business is done and, hey, they can spend their money however they want. T-Mobile is now taking over the Mariners' ballpark name. It doesn't necessarily have to remain a "Field," though, so I guess these are the options: 

  • T-Mobile Park
  • T-Mobile Field
  • T-Mobile Ballpark
  • T-Mobile Stadium

Go with T-Mobile Park, right? I like that one. 

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