Mark Buehrle's dog won't be welcome in Toronto

Mark Buehrle is a noted dog lover. (Getty Images)

Because I'm one of those crazy dog people, one of my first thoughts when I heard about the big Marlins-Blue Jays trade was about Mark Buehrle's dog, Slater. Slater is an American Staffordshire Terrier, a breed better known as a pit bull. 

When Buehrle signed with the Marlins, he and his wife, Jamie, had to find a place to live in Broward County because Miami-Dade County has had a ban on pit bulls since 1989. The Buehrles then fought the Miami-Dade pit bull ban. The long-time canine advocates have also started a "Sox for Strays" an adoption program in Chicago, spoken out against Michael Vick and tried to raise awareness about the breed.

At least in South Florida, Buehrle had a nearby option for a place to live. That's not going to be the case with his new team, the Blue Jays. The entire province of Ontario has had a ban on pit bulls since 2005. It's the only Canadian province with such a law. The closest place he could live would be Buffalo. That would be a daily drive of almost two hours and would require daily border crossings.

The Buehrles own four dogs, but only Slater will be discriminated against. Although Buehrle hasn't spoken about the trade yet, as it has yet to become official, it's sure that his living situation will be an issue.

H/T: Big League Stew

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