Mark Reynolds is not happy

Mark Reynolds has something to say about the umpiring on Friday night in Detroit. (Getty Images)

Orioles first baseman Mark Reynolds, to say the least, was not pleased by the umpiring in his team's 5-3 loss to the Tigers on Friday. Here's the puzzling sequence that (understandably) raised his ire ... 

While the play in question might indeed have been incorrect as originally called (the angles provide nothing conclusive), the idea that the home-plate umpire somehow had a definitive view -- to the extent that he felt sanctioned to overturn the original call -- is rather silly. And then comes the improper ejection of Reynolds. 

In the wake of all that, Reynolds emptied both barrels on the umpiring crew in question. Courtesy of the Baltimore Sun, here's Reynolds on the play in question

I’ve never in my life seen someone reverse a call. The guy in Colorado [Rockiesfirst baseman Todd Helton got an out call earlier this year despite being far off the bag] the guy was off the bag by three feet. And my foot was on the bag and they reversed it. And it’s a shame they don’t have accountability. They don’t have any, if they make a bad call, it’s like, ‘Ho-hum, next day is coming.’ If we have a bad couple of games we get benched or we get sent down. They have nobody breathing down their throats. They have nobody, they are just secure in their jobs. And they are probably over there right now laughing about it because they don’t worry about it. This game is way too important right now, where we are in the season, for these kind of calls to happen. And it’s very frustrating.

And here's Reynolds on getting tossed for throwing his glove:

That’s terrible. [Second-base umpire] Vic [Carapazza] has no authority to throw me out right there. All I did was an equipment violation. It’s a fine. You are supposed to point at it and the league offices decide what to do there. He just threw me out right there. I didn’t do anything wrong. If I go up to him and say something to him, that I shouldn’t say, that’s fine. Throw me out there for that. But you can’t throw me out for throwing my glove. What’s the difference between a guy throwing his helmet after a bad call? It’s just part of it and everybody goes on their way. He had no right to throw me out there. There’s just so many words I can’t say on this camera right now that I want to say.

I have little doubt that Reynolds will receive a talking-to because of his candor, but he's right to be angry about what unfolded on Friday night. 

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