Market extremely strong for Headley; he is all but sure to be dealt

The market is said to be huge for Padres third baseman Chase Headley, and sources suggest the strong probability is that he will be dealt.

The Yankees are unlikely to make a big push for Headley after losing Alex Rodriguez, who's probably out until mid-September with a broken hand, because they don't want to give up the prospects it would take. But San Diego doesn't need the Yankees to become involved. The Orioles, Indians, Pirates and A's are among as many as 10 teams to have checked in on Headley.

Headley has a lot going for him, as a 28-year-old switch hitter making only $3.4 million, but the Padres are said be even a bit surprised at the demand for Headley. In a market filled with rentals, he stands out.

The other key for San Diego is that it has a top third base prospect, Jedd Gyorko, who they believe is ready to step in.

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