Marlins distance themselves from song

The Marlins have had plenty of ways to embarass themselves, but now they're getting help.

While the team is responsibe for the logo that drew the ire of fans, and that was followed by both the uniforms and the monstrosity of a home-run celebration sculpture in center field, but what is not the work of the team is this "theme song" that made the internet rounds on Wednesday:

Marlins director of media relations Matt Roebuck told David Brown of Yahoo that the song in question was not official. "No it is not. Has nothing to do with us," he told Brown.

It's a good thing. The Miami Times has already called it "just horrible" and the early fan reaction across the 'net seems to be utter horror. Now, I've said in the past I didn't think the logo or uniform were that bad -- and I've heard from some fans who like them -- but the home-run sculpture and this song are pretty awful, in my opinion.

But hey, at least the Marlins do appear to have a much improved on-field product, and that's really what matters most. And if that doesn't work out, I guess there's always the LoMo & Petey Show.

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