More than a month has passed since Major League Baseball concluded its annual first-year player draft. Come Friday, we'll know for certain which draftees are turning professional and which will be playing collegiate baseball come 2020. That's because this year's signing deadline will pass at 5 p.m. ET on Friday, July 12.

Truthfully, there isn't much room for suspense. Only two players in the top six rounds remain unsigned. Both, incidentally, are Miami Marlins draft picks: outfielders J.J. Bleday (No. 4) and Kameron Misner (No. 35). Bleday reportedly agreed to terms on Wednesday, and the Marlins appear optimistic about getting a deal hashed out with Misner ahead of the deadline, too:

Beyond those Marlins, there are only two others drafted in the top-10 rounds who remain unsigned: pitcher Brandon Spoat (Texas Rangers, No. 205) and catcher Wyatt Hendrie (Chicago Cubs, No. 312). That's it. The other 313 players drafted through round 10 are signed and are either playing professionally or are eligible to play professionally when called upon.

So, yeah, there isn't much to be had here in terms of drama -- or history for that matter. This will represent the first class where every first-round pick has signed since … 2017. Hmph.