Marlins still could have one big trade in them, and it may involve Ricky Nolasco

Marlins veteran starter Ricky Nolasco, the one high-priced veteran remaining on Miami's roster, is still available in trade at the right price, competing executives said.

The Marlins won't trade young superstar Giancarlo Stanton, but Nolasco is in another category, rivals said.

There's interest in him, but after a so-so season in which he went 12-13 with a 4.48 ERA, the Marlins probably couldn't expect a large return.

Nolasco, a dependable right-hander, makes more than double all his teammates at $11.5 million, and more than five times all but one teammate (the just-acquired Yunel Escobar makes $5 milion). No other Marlins player makes more than $2 million. The longtime Marlin Nolasco is eligible for free agency after 2013, when his three-year, $26.5-million contract expires.

Marlins ownership is being lambasted in South Florida as it is for the 12-player trade with Toronto that sent stars Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle and Josh Johnson to Toronto. But at this point, it's hard to think a trade of Nolasco, a good but not great pitcher, would exacerbate things.

Sources say the Marlins' revenues fell well below expectations in their first season in new Marlins Park, and some amount of cost-cutting is actually necessary.

In an interview in this space two weeks ago Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria said the blockbuster trade was made because the team needed to try a "new path'' following its last-place finish with a $118-million payroll. That path will include Stanton, the powerful superstar. But it may not include Nolasco.

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