Matt Chapman wants more fans to attend A's games with the team red hot and eyeing the postseason

The Oakland Athletics won their third consecutive game on Monday, extending their lead in the wild-card race over the Seattle Mariners to 2 1/2 games with a head-to-head victory. The A's and M's will play two more before this series concludes, and a series win or sweep would put Oakland in the catbird seat heading forward. Already, the A's have a 74 percent shot at reaching the playoffs, according to SportsLine's projections. It's a good time to be an A's fan.

If there's one thing harshing the A's vibe, it's that they're playing well in front of sparse crowds. Monday's game saw less than 11,000 in attendance. On a dozen occasions this year, the A's have welcomed fewer than 10,000 people through the turnstiles. Add it all up, and the A's rank second to last in the American League in attendance.

We're not here to attendance-shame any team's fan base. Do what you please with your money; Lord knows baseball tickets aren't cheap or edible, and games attended doesn't correlate 1:1 with fandom. But we do feel an obligation to note when the best player on a fun team asks fans to come and catch a game the way Matt Chapman did following Monday's win:

Whether or not Chapman's pitch works is to be seen. It's clear that his bat and glove do, however, as he entered Tuesday hitting for a 142 OPS+ and playing Gold Glove-caliber defense:

By the way, after this Mariners series the A's will welcome the Houston Astros in for a three-game set. It's possible -- not likely, but possible -- the A's are leading the American League West before the week ends.

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