Matt Garza goes on Twitter tirade against Eric and Kaycee Sogard

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On Saturday afternoon, the Athletics beat the Rangers by the score of 4-2. Oakland infielder Eric Sogard did his part by pushing the insurance run across with a squeeze bunt in the seventh, a play Texas starter Matt Garza did not like. He chirped at Sogard while walking off the field, but after the game he tried to play it off by telling reporters "I asked him if there were any good places to eat in Oakland."

Apparently Garza was still rather annoyed about the bunt hours after the game ended, so annoyed that he went on a Twitter tirade against Sogard (@EricSogard) and his wife Kaycee (@KayceeSogard). Garza, who tweets from the locked account @Gdeuceswild, went off the rails:

You can click the image for a larger and easier to read view of the screencap. It's not pretty.

If you don't buy @Gdeuceswild being Garza, here's a tweet from his representatives at CAA Sports referencing the account following Garza's arbitration settlement with the Cubs over the winter. Former Rays teammate David Price also confirmed it last year. Pretty rock solid evidence.

Anyway, Garza is no stranger to Twitter controversy. Back in April he went on a rant against "fake" fans who "nothing but talk smack." He added he was "just tired of the so-called diehards being negative! Negativity breeds negativity! So break the cycle," in another tweet, according to Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune.

It's one thing to make a broad statement about a large group like "fake" fans, but it's another to attack a fellow ballplayer and his wife (!). Garza wasn't shy about it either, he tagged the Sogards in his tweets to make sure they would see it. That's really weak. Garza needs to grow up and accept the fact he got beat on the field fair and square.

UPDATE: Garza offered up this half-hearted "apology" on Twitter:

Okay, fine, your "competitive edge" got the best of you. What about the misogyny?

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