Matt Shoemaker's wife seems competitive, awesome

On Thursday night in Fenway, Matt Shoemaker of the Angels no-hit the Red Sox for 6 2/3 until Will Middlebrooks yanked a double to break it up. Middlebrooks' history-fouling hit prompted Danielle Shoemaker, similarly competitive wife of Matt, to fire off the tweet of this and all days hence ... 

That ... that is nothing short of outstanding. A supportive, fiesty spouse in your corner makes for a better life, and Matt Shoemaker seems to have that going for him in a rather large way. 

Predictably, some were given the vapors over the tweet you see above (since deleted), and Ms. Shoemaker was reduced to clarifying ... 

Bah. The heck with those who would deign to tame her.

Anyhow, the Halos went on to prevail by a score of 2-0, and Shoemaker notched the win thanks to what was a true gem of an outing. As a bonus, tonight he'll sleep the sleep of someone who knows he's not alone in this thing. Good on you, Danielle Shoemaker. 

(Wink of CBS eye: Reddit Baseball)

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