Memorable Giants win a forgettable World Series

DETROIT -- The World Series, for the most part, was forgettable.

The World Series winner wasn't.

The Giants of the last three years will live on, and not just in the memory of their loyal and fun-loving fans. They'll stick with all of us, because not many teams win two World Series in three years.

The Giants just did.

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They beat the Tigers 4-3 in 10 innings in Sunday night's Game 4, sweeping a World Series that they fully dominated.

The Giants pitched so well (and the Tigers hit so poorly) that there wasn't even a good game in the series until the final one.

Finally, in the second inning of Game 4, the Tigers took their first lead of the World Series. Finally, in Game 4, there was a game packed with drama.

Finally, in Game 4, the two MVP favorites, Miguel Cabrera of the Tigers and Buster Posey of the Giants, hit home runs.

But finally, the Giants made Game 4 end the way the other three games had, with the guys in orange and black on top.

Marco Scutaro, already known in this postseason for his heroics in the NLCS, won Game 4 with his 10th-inning single off Phil Coke. His line drive to center field scored Ryan Theriot, who manager Bruce Bochy had started for the first time in the series as the Giants' designated hitter.

Three outs from Sergio Romo later, the Giants were champions for the second time in three years. Cabrera made the final out, and the Giants celebrated, just as they did in 2010 in Texas.

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