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I have good news, Mets fans! I know, Mets fans aren't always used to hearing good news, but on this lovely Monday, the team announced something fans have been asking for. New York is officially bringing back their black jerseys.

The jerseys have a base color of black with blue writing and an orange and white shadow behind the blue.

Take a look:

The team's official Twitter account posted that they have worked with MLB and Nike to make the return happen. The black jerseys will be featured for a limited number of games this summer, according to the announcement from the team.

They also announced that replica jerseys will be for sale for fans to buy, so get your credit cards ready Mets fans. When the jerseys are available for purchase has not yet been announced, but they did write that "replica jerseys will be available at retail in time for the holidays." The team also says they will have more information in the next few weeks.

Last season, no Mets player hit the top 20 list of overall jersey sales. These black jerseys could push the team a bit higher on that list for this season, if the fans react to it as many expect them to.