Edwin Diaz
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The atmosphere at Citi Field could be electric next Tuesday as New York Mets closer Edwin Diaz might get to hear his iconic entrance song played live when his team hosts the Los Angeles Dodgers. Timmy Trumpet, one of the artists behind the song "Narcos," will be in attendance that day to throw the first pitch, and he promised to perform live if Díaz enters the game.

The song starts with slow, steady drums that serve as a signal to the spectators of who is about to come out of the bullpen. By the time the trumpet sound begins, the crowd is already on their feet. A video of Díaz walking out became viral earlier this month.

The video started a social media trend in which people use the audio for their own #EdwinDiazChallenge. According to an MLB.com, Trumpet and the Blasterjaxx duo of Thom Jongkind and Idir Makhlaf have no idea why Díaz chose their song, but fans are having fun with it and the artists have certainly been enjoying the experience. 

"Nothing makes me happier," Trumpet told MLB.com. "That is exactly what this song was meant to do."

This is not the first year that Díaz has used the song. His first time was actually in 2018, when he played for the Seattle Mariners, but he switched to Miky Woodz's "No Hay Limite" upon joining the Mets. His Mets' debut in 2019 ended up being the worst season of his career with seven blown saves, seven losses and a 5.59 ERA. After that nightmare, he decided to throw that song choice away.

Díaz went back to "Narcos," which has certainly worked out for him. Even during a mess up in which his song was delayed earlier this month, Díaz was able to pump himself up by playing it in his head.

Of course, the song's increasing popularity has also been because Díaz is playing really well. As of Aug. 24, he has 28 saves, 97 strikeouts and a 1.46 ERA through 46 games this season.

The Mets currently hold a 79-46 record and sit atop the National League East standings. Before Tuesday's game, they have to get through a four-game series against the Colorado Rockies starting Thursday evening.