Mets' Matt Harvey declares he'll pitch in 2014

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Mets ace Matt Harvey is still recovering from Tommy John surgery, which he underwent in late October of last year. Since many pitchers require around a calendar year or more to recover from such a major procedure, it seems quite possible that Harvey won't take the bump again until 2015. Harvey, though, clearly has other ideas ... 

"Harvey Day," of course is for Mets fans the generally consoling occasion of any Matt Harvey start. Artist's rendering forthcoming ... 

(HT: MetsBlog)

It remains to be seen whether Harvey can adhere to such an aggressive schedule, and it of course remains to be seen whether the Mets will allow him to pitch toward the back end of the upcoming season. For what it's worth, though, this isn't the first time that Harvey has strongly suggested that he'll pitch in 2014. So, yes, the leisured possibilities of Harvey Day in 2014 would seem to be in play. 

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